Welcome to

Peter King

College of Music!


All students are required to take master theoretical areas, such as harmony, and keyboard proficiency.

In addition, we offer the following performance areas for specialization:

·      Strings

Description: Macintosh

o   Violin

o   Viola

o   Cello

o   Bass

o   Guitar / Elec. Bass

·      Woodwinds

o   Bassoon

o   Clarinet

o   Flute

o   Oboe

o   Recorder

o   Saxophone

·      Brass

o   Trumpet

o   Trombone

o   Tuba/Euphonium

·      Keyboards and Percussion

o   Piano

o   Drums

o   African Percussion, including Talking Drum (Dundun)

·      Voice

·      Composition


Performance Workshop

·      Jazz Ensemble

·      Chamber Music

·      Chorale

·      Popular Music

o   Highlife, Afrobeat, and Juju

o   Rhythm and Blues, Funk, and Rock