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Description: Macintosh Faculty and Academic Staff

Mr. Peter King Adeyoyin Osubu –  Director – Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trombone, Tuba/Euphonium

Mr. Samson Adebiaye (Pictured)– Administrator and Assistant Director  – Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone

Mr. David Aina – Senior Lecturer – Voice, Piano, Harmony & Composition, Conducting, History

Mr. Shola Kunkpe – Saxophone, Guitar, Drums, Percussion

Mr. Oluwasegun Oladipo – Trumpet, Harmony

Miss Modupe Kunkpe – Violin, Flute, Clarinet

Mr. Toyin Taiwo – Piano

Mr. Chijoke Enebechi – Saxophone

Mr. Aaron Carter-Cohn – Visiting Lecturer – Music Theory, Composition, Conducting